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I loved Tunde with all my Life. Few weeks back, he proposed to me and
it was the happiest day of my life. I was all
smiles when I got home, everyone knew that
something had happened to me. After so
much excitement, I broke the news to my
family and we where all excited. After a date
was agreed, Tunde left Ibadan for Lagos to
come and formally ask for my hand in
marriage. I couldn't sleep that night, was
thinking and smiling cos I was so happy to
finally settle down with the only man I ever
gave my heart to. I have not known any
other man asides Tunde, he was my life, my
breathe and my heart-beat.
We waited for until evening, no sign of him. I
called his both phones but switched off, I
became so worried and curious. Few hours
later, a call came in from his younger
brother that Tunde was involved in a fatal
accident which took his life instantly. I put
off the phone and refused to believe him.
But the stories never changed when I called
him back.
To cut it short, we all went for Tunde's
"UNBELIEVABLE" burial. After the burial, I
asked my family to go back to Lagos that I
would stay back and mourn my late fiance.
After they consoled me as they could, they
left for Lagos and I kept crying & crying.
That same evening, I received another phone
call from the police that my family (Dad,
mom, only brother & two sisters) all died in
an accident that involved our family car with
a trailer carrying fuel.
I wished for death but it wouldn't take me.
I'm sending this message with heavy tears in
my eyes.
Please, pray for me because I might end up
committing suicide.
What A World! From Ur fan, Jennifer.
I pray that the Lord will heal your heart and
to our fans reading this, it shall never be
your portion in the Mighty Name Of Jesus
Christ I Pray!
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have human sympathy!
God bless U for doing so.


What was he thinking when he was shooting the movie, he thought it was only for his private viewing? You saw the script, you agreed to act in it, smooching the actress et al, and you now want her not to release it? Are you for real?
The fate of the Yoruba man that featured in Afrocandy’s raunchy video, “Destructive Instinct 3 & 4”, may have been sealed as the weird musician cum actress has told   that she would not stop the video from running on Dailymotion as requested by him. Last week, on the internet, the trailer of the porn-like movie went viral, leaving the young man stunned.
He said he didn’t agree with the US-based woman that the video should be released on the internet and begged Afro to unplug it but the woman has refused to do that. In fact, emboldened by US laws which seem to favour women more when it comes to sexual harassment, Candy is waiting for the man to push his luck too far and she will slam a suit against him.
She told R that she did not agree anything with the man besides him featuring in the video. Reacting to the threat, Afrocandy said that the guy involved thought he could eat his cake and have it. She insists nothing will stop her from releasing the movie.
“I have called my lawyer already and she told me to go ahead and release my movie. Trust me, they take such cases serious here, it’s like taking advantage of a woman. He is an adult and he was not forced into it. His willingness to partake is his consent, whether he signed a contract or not.
On the three minutes, 53 seconds trailer that has been viewed by almost 200,000 fans, she said; “I hear some run their mouths talking shit, ‘oh, it’s a low budget film’, ‘oh, it’s poor production, poor acting, no story line and all kinds of balderdash’. Honey, I ain’t trying make it perfect because I believe in me. Whether perfect or not, I’m still gonna sell it. Why don’t you go make your own ‘perfect production’ and let me see you make the buzz like my movie made.”

Nollywood Pornographic Movies Flood Lagos

There appears to be a renewed effort by producers of pornographic films to get a huge chunk of the movie market in Nigeria.

A recent survey conducted by PublicNews Portal showed that in the last six months, over 40 film titles with nude scenes have flooded both the Idumota and Alaba markets, the two film depots in Lagos, the country’s commercial hub.

While efforts are being made by some renowned producers to get Nigeria on the map of quality film productions, certain filmmakers, driven by the passion to make quick profits, have turned their attention to making films with lewd scenes, which are often sold in the open market.

During a random visit to Idumota, it was discovered that films such as ‘Edge of Darkness’, ‘Dark Secrets’, ‘Sinful Act’, ‘Sinful Truth’ and ‘Oyoyo Airline’, among others, were the rave of the moment. Some other titles like ‘Bold Five Babes’, ‘Room 027’, ‘The Benjamins’, ‘Pregnant Hawkers’ and ‘Destructive Instincts’ were being awaited to appear on mass consumable formats.

Although not displayed conspicuously on the shelves, all a customer needs to do is to explain what he or she wants and the items are brought for him from inner chambers.

For instance, after our reporter convinced the shop owners that he was on a genuine mission, they disappeared to other adjoining shops to collect over 40 titles which they claimed had appeared this year.

Such titles are usually released in parts, with potential buyers being forced to buy all the parts of any title they wish to watch.

For reasons best known to the producers, they seem to have also narrowed their choice of actors to some popular acts. It seems favourites are emerging in the person of actors like Tony Umez, Muna Obiekwe, Jibola Daboh, Tonto Dike and Ghanaian actors like Prince David Osei and Frank Artus.

Phone calls to Umez on this development were neither picked nor text messages sent to him, replied at press time.

Meanwhile, the whole process seems to be happening behind the back of the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board, NFVCB.

A member of staff at the Corporate Affairs department of the NFVCB, who spoke on the development, said the producers might be cutting corners by submitting master tapes that were at variance with the ones that were finally released.

He said: “And they go along to put the classification logo of the board when they have clearly violated the rules of the classification.”

When asked if the board was aware of ‘Bold Five Babes’, ‘Room 027’ and ‘The Benjamins’ making waves online, he said it was not within the purview of NFVCB to monitor what happens online.

He said: “Some of those may have been posted from locations other than Nigeria. It will be difficult to say what is being done elsewhere. As I speak to you, the board is not aware of such movies, because they have not been classified yet.”

[Viewer Discretion Is Advised] An Open Letter To P¤rn Movie Star, Judith Mazagwo, Afrocandy From An Igbo Man

For some days now, controversial actress-cum- singer, Judith Opara Mazagwu better known as Afrocandy has been in the news for her unclad movie.

While she has been lambasted by many people, the actress has shown an 'I don't care attitude' to her critics. One of them wrote this letter to us showing 'his' anger at the Igbo-lady, who has allegedly brought shame to them.
Below is the letter;

Dear Judith Opara Mazagwu,

Whenever I eventually meet you the daring she-d** in person, I shall ask effusively: “Nwanne nwanyi, I bu onye Igbo?” If your answer is affirmative, I shall yell: “Tufia!!!” to high heavens and probe further: “Nna gi na nne gi, ha bu cha ndigbo? Is your father and mother originally Igbos?” If you, the architect of w**re-llywood, return a negative answer, I shall heave the deepest sigh of relief and dance with reckless abandon.

I shall wail with anguish if your parents are truly of the noble Igbo stock. Opara’s daughter, what has the Igbos, who pride their women in purity, decorum and royalty done to you? What has Ikemba’s people done to deserve the putrid essence you displayed in that raunchy movie trailer? The dignity of womanhood, you desecrated shamelessly. You should have converted your nomenclature to that of the an**al kingdom before you set the cameras rolling. Who called the shots for filming that monstrosity that debased womanhood and motherhood? Yes, you suffered child abuse but how does being molested at the age of 19 confer a p0*n star designation? Who sponsored the spread of your g3nit*ls in public sphere with that pervert who wants his scenes deleted after the collateral damage had been done? I hope a copy of Destructive Instinct will be delivered to Censors Board in Nigeria for classification.

Judith Opara, that bald headed bloke was actually squeezing, kissing and car3ssing your bu*t0cks and b00bs on camera while you were letting out uhhhs and ahhhs? You had the nerve to upload same online? What manner of poverty configured the mental faculties of a 41 year old mother of two to engage in unclad and display the se% tape on the internet without consideration for her children’s future? It is an abomination in Igbo land nay Africa for a child to behold his mother in such intense s3xing expedition. Not even se% starved r*pis*s dare to devour a victim before her child’s very eyes. I hope your children will never watch Destructive Instinct, the atrocity you produced. Until we can trace your lineage to Igbo kindred, I doubt the language of your name. I challenge your brothers, sisters, cousins aunts, uncles (your parents are most definitely dead), friends, relatives, classmates etc to write a rejoinder and authenticate your tribe.

I enjoin other concerned brethren both at home and in the Diaspora not to judge you harshly but pray to God whom you offended with impunity, to hasten a financial breakthrough that will discourage your big screen whorish aspiration. Your choice of career is an aberration to us, of eastern Nigeria. I solicit for contributions from public spirited Nigerians and Africans. Afro Candy is in dire need of rehabilitation – mentally, medically, financially, spiritually and otherwise. A psychiatrist facility will do a lot for Ada anyi nwanyi.

The woman who can perform unclad, unclad on stage owes a psychotherapist a visit. My dearest sister, conduct a thorough research and you will discover that bl*e film practitioners are never regarded, not even in Hollywood. I advise you to refrain from s3xu*l motion pictures that will further saturate our cyber space with unwholesome content.

Yours Sincerely,
Uzor Ngoladi

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How We Killed 20-Year-Old At Bayelsa Checkpoint – Ex-Policemen

One of the three dismissed policemen, standing trial for the killing of a 20-year-old Emmanuel Victor, at a checkpoint in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, has given an account of how they murdered Victor.
Victor was allegedly killed on October 16, 2011, in the presence of his mother, who tried in vain to stop the policeman from killing her son.
After the shooting, the police were said to have removed a copy of the Bible he held in his hand and replaced it with a pair of scissors.
He was allegedly killed for condemning extortion and bribery at the checkpoint.
But Lucky Oberemelu, who was cross-examined at the Nembe High Court, Yenagoa on Tuesday, said the late Victor, who left the Christ Embassy church service on the fateful Sunday, attacked them first with scissors.
The suspect, who was the leader of the police team, caused a stir in the courtroom when he painted a picture of the late Victor as a superman, who almost disarmed the policemen with scissors.
He said he accosted Victor first but instead of the youngster to run, Victor came after him with scissors.
He said, “I thought he (Victor) was going to run away but to my surprise, he brought out a pair of scissors and stabbed me on my right hand. I struggled with the injured and bleeding right hand.
“At that time, I was holding my smoke gunner with my left hand; he still used the same scissors and stabbed me on my left hand. Then, the smoke gunner fell down from me.”
He said as he suffered from the pains inflicted on him by Victor, he (Victor) picked his smoke gunner from the ground and smashed it.
He stated further, “At that point, l discovered that my life was in danger. I took to my heels. He pursued me and stabbed me on my back with the same scissors which caused me serious harm.
“At that point other members of the team advanced to rescue me.”
The accused person, who said he had served the police in the state for 15 years, said only three of them were in the team at the checkpoint.
But Justice Lucky Boufili adjourned the matter to June 11 for further cross-examination.

[A MUST READ] Ex-Husband Reveals Nigerian P*rn Star, Afrocandy's Dirty Secrets

Afrocandy and Ex-Husband 

According to her ex-husband, Judith had an affair with her landlord and neighbours, she called her boyfriend her uncle and DNA shows that he is not the father of her their second child which she later admitted.

Looking at things happening to Judith Opara Mazagwu, aka Afrocandy, Nigerian artiste based in the United States, it appears that controversy is gradually becoming her second name. First, the video of her current work, Ikebe Na Moni, caused a stir on the Internet and major blogs, to the extent that angry Nigerians fired her hate mails. Currently, her marriage is a subject of controversy.

This budding artiste had told our sister publication, Daily Sun, in an interview published on September 3, 2010, that she didn’t dump her US-based husband, Boltin Mazagwu. She had said in that interview: “There has been lots of rumours going on about my marriage and it is only a few people who know the truth. The fact is, I did not leave my husband; my husband rather left, due to some gossip he heard about something that happened back in Nigeria before I joined him in the US. I begged him and he came back. When he left the second time, that pushed me to give him a restraining order. I really would not like to go into details because I see that as past and I will like the past to remain where it belongs because I have moved on; talking about it takes me backward.”

Boltin Elumelu Mazagwu, the artiste’s husband, who read the interview on line, has been furious. In his reaction, he accused Judith of cheating on him while their marriage lasted. He also said that a DNA test has revealed that he is not the biological father of their second daughter.

Revealing how he met Judith, Mazagwu said: “I worked a while is Lagos before I relocated to USA. I came for holidays with my siblings and my uncle arranged for me to get a wife. There were three ladies he wanted me to meet and choose from. On my way to check out these ladies, I met Judith, my ex-wife. Because I like fair complexioned ladies, I took her in my car and we got talking. She told me that her name was Sandra, which I later found out was false. She told me she was a student of IMT, Enugu, which was also false. She never enrolled at IMT. When I offered to drive her to her home, she told me she was staying with her uncle. I discovered that the said uncle was her boyfriend. My friend at Onitsha, Omoba, revealed these to me.

“The following day, I went to pick her up and we went to Enugu. After shopping at Onitsha, we came to Lagos, to the apartment where I lived at Ajao Estate. When I was going back to the US, I left the apartment for her. I was sending her money, although I had a hunch about her lifestyle. I remember telling her the day we met that my people won’t allow me marry an Owerri woman, since she told me she was from Owerri. After three months, I came to Nigeria and spent 11 months here with her. At this time, I had abandoned the idea of marrying the Onitsha lady I was supposed to marry. Judith and I stayed in a hotel because I lost my job and abandoned college back in New York. I got broke at some point during that period and I moved in with a friend, Christopher, at Okota. He really didn’t want me to marry Judith and it was a fight between us. He actually pushed Judith out of the house. People we stayed in their homes refused her.”

He said that members of her family opposed his relationship with Judith, but he ignored their position. He said: “They vehemently opposed our union and yet I wouldn’t listen. It was war in my family. My mum and my aunt didn’t want her. My people didn’t want me to marry her, even when she had become pregnant with her child; they told her after I managed to go back to New York, that they would gladly take the baby from her if she delivered, but that I would never marry her.

“When I returned again, I went to her parents; they appealed to me and told me that their people never get divorced once they are married. I respected their opinion because they are good Christians. When I went back to USA, my cousin who trades at Balogun gave her N200, 000.00 in 1995. You know the value of money at that time, but I paid back in dollar equivalent. All these were attempts to make sure that she got an apartment, which she did at No. 2 Alhaji Azeez Street Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos. Before the introduction of Western Union Money Transfer, I was sending money to her constantly. There was this African American publication called JET. I would put money in between the pages, seal it and sent it through Red Star every week. When Western Union came, my name became a household name at Oba Akran branch of Union Bank.”

He said this continued until, “2002 when she started talking about acting in movies. I objected to that and maintained that I didn’t want her to go into acting. I needed her to take care of the kids, full time and also to get her busy. We quarrelled over it that night and I almost gave up on her, but because of my polygamous background and knowing what growing up was for us, the idea of leaving her was knocked off. I also love my children, Annabel and Angel, so much because at that time, I didn’t know that Angel was fathered by another man.”

When asked what he meant by ‘Angel was fathered by another man, Mazagwu said: “When she sent me her pictures, I suspected, from the child’s facial features that she didn’t look like me. When I complained, she told me that the girl took after my mother’s people. She stopped at nothing to make me believe all her lies. She is a pathological liar. When I confronted her with the DNA results, she confessed that indeed, I am not Angel’s father and rationalised her actions to loneliness and temptation.”

On his allegation that his wife had multiply partners, he said: “In the apartment I rented for her, she had affairs with the landlord because she lied about her marital status. She didn’t tell the man she was married. It was only when trouble broke out that the landlord knew her real status. Also, a guy across the street, named Goddy from Abia State, laid accusations on her. She couldn’t deny this. I know Goddy; whenever I came to town, she would tell me that Goddy was a chief from Abia State and I took them that way, not knowing they were dating.”

One how the bubble burst, the angry ex-hubby said: “She started leaving the kids all by themselves. She would leave them and hit the clubs. I was boiling, but she had gone full circle. So, in January 2006, I came to Nigeria to investigate the whole thing and discovered everything was true. Before I returned from Nigeria she ran to the child support in the US to file a report that I had abdicated my responsibility. She went to the Nigeria Catholic community to complain. When I returned and told the church what had happened, it was shocking to them.

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Guys, check out Monique's dramatic weight loss... You too can do it!

The 45 year old comedienne and Oscar winning actress has lost so much weight over the last few years, going from almost 300kg to 215kg. Monique says she didn't have surgery just good ol' exercise. Below is what she said on a radio programme recently.

"I tweet every morning, my workouts, because I want women to see - especially us big women - that you don’t have to let them cut you and suck it out, you don't have to let them staple you up, you don't have to let them give you a pill, you don't have to let them put a band around your organs. If you put the work in, baby, I promise you, it comes off."
"I am the best Mo'Nique I've ever been in my life right now. And I still have a ways to go. But I feel amazing.
See her serious workout photos after the cut...

12 Nigerian Ladies Arrested in Kenya for having Sex with Dogs

Eleven Nigerian women and one foreign man have been arrested after they were caught shooting an adult movie with a dog in Kenya.
The 12 are said to have been engaging in s3x with a dog while the camera was on.
According to Mombassa boss, the area has been infested with foreigners who come with different motives. Others are said to have come for tour while others come to engage in prostitution.
The 12 were caught performing one of the most embarrassing s3xual crime ever. The man was capturing the Nigerian ladies on tape as they had s3x with his Dog, a German Shepard.
The police boss noted that many foreigners most especially Nigerian ladies have turned into such acts for money. He confirmed that the camera was confiscated and will be used as evidence. The 12 will be arraigned in court to answer to the charges. The source concluded.

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We are the Petroleum Tanker Drivers Union a branch of NUPENG. The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) is one of the 37 industrial unions currently affiliated to the Nigeria Labour Congress.  It was also one of the former 42 industrial unions before the restructuring exercise of 1976 /1977 in which various trade unions were merged to form NUPENG.
The unions includes: Shell D'Arcy Workers' Union, BP Workers Union, Consolidated Petroleum Workers of Nigeria, Texaco African Workers Union, Esso Workers' Union, Union of Shell Operations, Petroleum Tanker Drivers Union(PTD), Petrol Station Worker(PSW), Independent Marketer etc.The Petroleum Tanker Drivers Union duty is to fight for the interest of its members by seeking justice and fair play in the Oil and Gas sector.
Comrade Ibiyemi Kabiru Ganiyu who is the Chairman Petroleum Tankers Drivers (PTD) Branch of NUPENG, Mosimi Depot, Ogun state said Tanker Drivers played a special and important role in Nigeria which was tied to the nation's economy. In his four years of experience in the association he talked on how some of the drivers are not educated. Though education is very essential in the society, but some of their members prefer to work hard so to make things work well.
In a meeting they had recently, he said, “We are meeting to discuss how to make the work of Petroleum Tankers Drivers smoother as government values petroleum, and this work has provided employment to thousands of Nigerians. In the cause of doing this work, a lot of things crop up like over speeding and disregard for other drivers in smaller cars.”
He further explained that other consumable products shouldn't be carried with petroleum products while broken down trucks shouldn't be left on the road. Earlier, the Inspector General of Police, Dahiru Abubabar enjoined Tanker drivers to always have patience. He further advice, “If any officer does anything wrong, report them to their superior officers' please always let us always obey traffic rules and regulations; we thank you all for your support.” He said.
He further stated, “We will talk to our members, but it will also help us if police or other checkpoints are visible from afar to enable drivers stop early to avoid brake failure because the sudden stops can also cause accidents. He said checkpoints also mounted most times left no room for making a thorough maneuvering.” He added.
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