Monday, 5 September 2016

Graphics: Frustration and hardship makes man jump from tall building in Apapa

A man allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the roof top of Kamar Kazum Plaza in Apapa, Lagos to his death. At the moment we can't confirm when or where the incident happened but someone in the comment section mentioned the location above. What he wrote in Hausa and translated to English after the cut...*Very graphic photo*

Rayuwa Sai Ana Hakuri.......
Rashin Fahimta tare da rashin hakuri ya sanya wannan mutumin yayi yjnkurin kashe kansa, ta hanyar fadowa daga Wanann dogon Benen.....
Amma dai wakilan mu dake wajen sunce bai mutuba har zuwa lokacin da suka aiko mana da rahoton

Google translator:
Life is Patient ... prejudice and intolerance made ​​individual yjnkurin suicide , by falling for this long floor ... But our representatives outside said he mutuba they sent us a report

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