Monday, 5 September 2016

Less than 24hrs quit notice, Army prepares to take over properties in Abuja

Instagram user @chloescupcakeheaven shared this via Instagram.
"So in the wake of the demolition of @nulijuice and other small business trying to make a difference in our economy, we got this marked on our wall today with a lot of officials and soldiers in tow. This marking says 24hrs notice. 24hrs notice? We've been in this building doing business for 5 years and you give us 24hrs notice at almost the close of business for demolition. I don't get it Nigeria!
How much more are entrepreneurs supposed to take in this country? Our country is in a recession and this is what the Govt deems necessary at this point in time. A lot of other buildings were marked but how do you mark a building at the close of business for demolition the next day and don't even give the affected parties a listening ear? What is the justification for this sort of animalistic behaviour in this country? #smallbusinessesmatter"

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