Friday, 23 September 2016

WOW!!! Linda Ikeji nominated for Personality Of The Year at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards

She was nominated for Personality Of The Year at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards. Here's how you can vote for her and other nominees...


Online Voting
Fans can vote online at .
Limit: 5 times per category per computer per day

To vote via Google,
·        Search “MTV MAMA” on Google
·        Tap and select the nominee you'd like to vote for from the resulting Category Card
·        Click the “vote” button to submit
·        Users must log in with their verified Google Account before submitting their vote(s)
·        To vote from outside Africa, go to an AfricanGoogledomain, eg.,, etc.) and type "MTV MAMA" into the search bar

Limit: 5 votes per category per Google Account per day

Social Media Voting
·        Post a status update from your personal Facebook account that includes the hashtag #MAMAVote and name of the category (eg #Besthiphop) and the name of the NOMINEE for whom you would like to vote
·        Comment on a post from the MTV BASE AFRICA official Facebook page using the NOMINEE's name, the name of the category (eg #BestMale),and the hashtag, #MAMAVote.
Limit: one (1) NOMINEE name per post, and up to five (5) posts per day, per user

·        Using your personal Twitter account, Tweet, Retweet or Reply a NOMINEE’s name or Twitter handle using the designated hashtag#MAMAVoteand the relevant category(eg #BestFemale).
Limit: one (1) NOMINEE name per Tweet, and up to five (5) unique Tweets per day per Twitter account.

·        Using your personal Instagram account, post MAMA or MUSIC related original photos with a NOMINEE’s name or Instagram handle, the category name (eg #BestBreakthrough) and the hashtag,#MAMAVote in the lower-third copy.

·        Photos must originate from user’s account.

Limit one (1) NOMINEE name per photo post, and up to five (5) unique posts per day, per Instagram account

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