Sunday, 20 November 2016

Featured post: Could my husband be cheating or avoiding me because of "ordinary" stretch marks he saw on my body?

So was the sad tale of Mrs Felicia Johnson who could not hide her despair and tears as she narrates how her relationship with her husband of almost a decade is on the brink of collapsebecause she noticed her husband doesn't find her attractive anymore.

She remembers clearly the incident that led to this, it was on a Friday evening after her husband arrived from work and was in such a romantic mood and was about to start "Playing" with her that he noticedstretch marks on her body and immediately, his mood changed.
She herself noticed the stretch marks some few weeks before this time, but she thought it was just ordinary stretch marks and there was nothing to it.

Now her relationship is threatened, in her words, she said "I suspect he is now cheating on me because I know my husband doesn't play with sex, now it is going to months since we last had how else is he satisfying himself if he isn't cheating, he
doesn't even look at me twice anymore, its like he now finds me very unattractive and repulsive, please I need to do something about this urgently".

Generally, in building or maintaining a marriage or any serious relationship, looks and appearances play major roles because people (especially Men) have been scientifically proven to naturally crave for and want their partners to look good and desirable even if they are not really saying it or pushing it.

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Left to you, how do you feel seeing your partner with stretch marks and probably being over weight? Do you find it sexy or irritating? Do you care or do you just ignore?

If you happen to have the marks on your body, how do you think your partner feels about it, can you really be sure his silence means he doesn't really care? Are you even taking the necessary steps to find a solution to it?
No one wants a partner whose whole body looks like a broken wind screen and cannot show off some fresh skin

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 Here are some reactions from Men...

It is only natural for people to want their partners to look good and desirable, even if they are not really saying it or pushing it.

Also, people who find themselves having some of these issues should do more to find solutions to these issues because honestly, it is their partners secret desire. At least he or she wants to see you making efforts to get a solution. Not just sit and do nothing thinking it doesn't matter.

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