Saturday, 28 January 2017

Step into millions with DiamondXtra

Diamond Bank has launched Season 9 of its DiamondXtra reward scheme with over N584 million to be won. In the monthly draws, 13 customers win one million naira each, 1 customer wins two million naira and the luckiest customer wins the grand prize of salary for life; that is N100,000 naira monthly for 20 years!

This January month end,  a DiamondXtra special draw will be held where 30 lucky customers will be rewarded with one million naira each.

To stand a chance of joining the league of winners in the DiamondXtra reward scheme, simply maintain a minimum account balance of five thousand naira only. Yes, you heard right: maintain N5,000 in your DiamondXtra account and YOU qualify to participate in the draws. Multiples of N5,000 maintained in your DiamondXtra account increases your chances of winning.

"Follow the link here to signup for DiamondXtra Season 9 participate and stand a chance of being among the many lucky winners".

The DiamondXtra draw is a unique customer reward scheme tied to the DiamondXtra proposition which aims at promoting a savings culture among Nigerians.

So hurry now and open a DiamondXtra account to win big!

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