Friday, 21 April 2017

Ads: Let’s Shoot It: A platform for upcoming artists and film-makers

“Let’s shoot it” is a TV program designed to promote exceptional talents in script writing and music. Send in your script for a short film or Mp3 song to pass through our panel and stand a chance to have your videos shot professionally by us, Voting will be done online by your fans, the most voted-for artist will have his/her video shot by Mogson production.


1. Fill the form below on 
2. Pay the sum of 5000 naira. Send email to for account details
3. Scan Teller afterwards, and send a copy to for confirmation. You would receive an email confirmation that you’ve been confirmed.
4. Next, submit your short script or songs to

You would receive an email confirmation of your work submitted, which would appear on the site after a short while and link sent to you for promotion.

The winners would be announced and their musical videos/short script would be shot.

For further enquiries please send an email to
For more info, visit: 

Untagged Video Link:

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