Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Crime: [Video] 'I work for NNPC' - Suspected Vandal cries uncrollably as he is paraded with others

The Lagos State Police Command on Tuesday paraded a group of suspected murderers, militants, and vandals, following a police raid which culminated in their arrest. As the criminal - all ten of them - were being paraded, one particular criminal caught the attention of all present due to the way he continually cried out loudly, calling for his mother and gesticulating, claiming he is innocent.

When questioned on the circumstances that led to him being there, the man who gave his name as Adeniyi Akeju said he was innocent of the crimes and was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The 38-year-old suspect said he works as a security man for a
service company which provides service for NNPC and that his job designation is to guard the pipelines.

"I don't know anything about it," he said when LIB asked him about the gun that was allegedly found in his possession. "I swear. I am a security man in Ogijo. I work for Suto. My oga is Suto. He is the one that got the pipeline contract from NNPC. It is at the pipeline that I was working as a security. I work for NNPC."

Adeniyi, whose gang name is Tablet, was asked why his boss Suto and the NNPC have not come looking for him since he was arrested on the 17th of April and he replied:
"Maybe they looked for us and didn't find us."
He continued to cry for the over one hour that he was paraded alongside other criminals. According to a policeman who declined to give his name, Tablet and his colleagues are not just vandals but are also militants and murderers. He said that Tablet and his group engaged them in a fierce gunbattle before they were eventually caught. 
"So you can cry?" the policeman said to Tablet. Then speaking to press, he said, "you should have seen this man and his group in action on the day we caught them. What they did to us before we arrested them. It was tough." 

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