Thursday, 18 May 2017

Sponsored: Paymyrent – Instant loan for house rent payment! Are you in need of quick loan to pay house rent?

You can now request for the Paymyrent Loan with minimal documentation and approval process within hours.

Now you can get upto N2.5 Million within 24 Hours to meet your house rent needs!  Accessing this loan facility is seamless as you do not need any Collateral. Not only that, you get the advantage of friendly interest rate, easy qualifying criteria, simple application process and swift approval.

·        Work and Live in Lagos
·        Be a confirmed staff of a company
·        Be between 22 and 50y years old.
·        Earn N80,000 and above

Another Way To Use Paymyrent to Pay Your House Rent Monthly

PaymyrentAjo-Scheme helps you plan, save and achieve your house rent target. It allows you save Weekly/Monthly towards renting a new apartment or renewing your rent.

With the Ajo-Scheme, you are sure to pay your rent as at when due and as well as enjoying 10% interest on your Ajo-Savings.

How this works

·        Determine how much you want to save for your rent e.g N100,000
·        You will only have to Save 90% of thestated rent amount (That’s N90,000)
·        You will Save N9,000 monthly for 10 Months
·        At the end of the 10th Month, you would have saved N90,000
·        Paymyrent will add 10% of  Rent amount  (That’s N10,000)
·        Paymyrent pays the whole N100,000 to you or your landlord.


·        Have an account with any commercial bank in Nigeria
·        Have proof of steady source of income
·        Be between 22 and 50y years old

Ready to start saving? Fill the application form today and see what it feels like to pay rent MONTHLY.

Office Address: 10 Association drive magodo GRA, Lagos
Contact : 01-2919534 I or

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