Thursday, 25 August 2016

Photos: Bride-to-be cries after Groom spends £14k to surprise her with Roman Empire themed-wedding filled with battle scenes

Zoe, 23, dreamed of having an indoor wedding with a classic, girly theme but her groom Matthew, 25, had other ideas, and decided to stage an outdoor, Roman Empire themed affair featuring a battle at an old, crumbling amphitheatre in a muddy field on TV show 'Don't tell the bride'.

Despite the pair being together since they were 12, Matthew had no plans to spend the £14,000 budget on the wedding of his fiancée’s dreams.
Zoe said “My standards are quite high, I do like everything to look nice and clean and pretty, only the best will do.”
Speaking about her wedding, she stresses:
 “If I was to walk into my dream venue I’d want orange and pink, and glitter and gems everywhere. Anything vintage, cute and fluffy. I wouldn’t be happy if it was outside and it was raining, I wouldn’t want to be cold.”
Speaking about his wedding plans, Matthew says: “Because I love history I want to give Zoe a Roman-themed wedding where all the men are dressed as Roman legionnaires and Zoe’s gonna be brought in on a horse-drawn, Roman-style chariot.
“All our family and friends are going to be around us, as the spectators would have been.”
As an extra “surprise”, the wedding will then transform into a battle, with guests – like Zoe’s dad – dressed in full suits of Roman armour holding real weapons.
Matthew admits: “It’s a bit dangerous, but you need a bit of danger I think.”
Matthew then chose an Indian restaurant as a reception venue and told his bride to pack casual, comfy clothes and “maybe make-up” for her hen.
When Zoe saw the wedding was Roman themed, she couldn't believe her eyes and started crying, even the bridesmaids were shocked at such 'poor' planning with £14,000 by Matthew.

Source : Sun UK

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