Sunday, 6 November 2016

Flat Tummy Tea Works! Customer Shares Proof

A lot of women are very conscious about their tummies so out of all the positive reviews we’ve received, Ifunanya was willing to share her Flat Tummy Tea results with us! Meet Ifunanya Egbejimba, also known as @thickviv on instagram! She lost 4 kg overall, but the major change was not in her weight; it was in her tummy.

Here is what Ifunanya had to say:

“I’m very happy with the results oh! I wasn’t even expecting to lose weight, just the belly fat but I was told that for there to be results, the tea will make me lose weight. I love it! My weight went down small, but my tummy has gone down like mad! In just 2 weeks! I even bought for my friend infact because she was doubting it was the tea that helped me. Now she’s singing a different tune. She will pay me back my money though oh! I’m buying another pack after this one!”

With a rich blend of natural ingredients like Moringa, Flat Tummy Tea with Moringa is the perfect night boost to increase your energy level, while allowing you practice portion control by reducing hunger and burning tummy fat with no side effects!  

Flat Tummy Tea is affordable and available for sale! Payment on delivery options are available too! Visit or call our experts for orders and enquiries: 08093932979, 08285653746, 09090607118, 09090607155, 09090607233, 09085653430

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